Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pee Wee Cowpokes 2011

Another fun and successful fair in the books!  All three kids brought a calf to the fair this year and showed them in the "Pee Wee Cowpokes Show".

We took them out on Wednesday and started the evening with giving them a good wash!

Of course it wouldn't be a successful fair without a
picture sitting on Patience, the cow!

The mornings start bright and early.  The kids have to clean out
the stalls and feed and water their calves.

Then it's time for some practice in the show ring before tonight's big show!

After the morning chores, this is our treat!  Mini doughnuts!!!! 
I lost count of how many bags I bought!!

The two youngest cowpokes waiting for their doughnuts.

Before they show their calves the kids have to wash, dry and fit their calves.
Thank goodness for those "experienced" 4-H boys, they always
come to our rescue!

Brett and Caleb helping Trace.

Jon helping Trent make sure is calf is dry.

And, little miss independent drying her calf
all by herself!  "I don't need any help mom!"

All cleaned up and ready to go!

Spur and Trace

Stidgy and Trent

 Pinkie Pie and Lola

My camera is not as "high-tech" as some cameras,
so most of them turned out pretty dark.  I loved
this one though with all of them in one shot.  The judge kept
talking to Lola and asking her questions.  Would have
loved to hear her answers!  They all did a great job and had a lot of fun!

Proud grandpas watching their cowpokes!

Group hug with all the cousins!

We ended the week with a dinosaur birthday party for Trent!
Happy 5th birthday Trenty!!

Only 357 days until next year!!