Friday, August 12, 2011

Room makeover ~ cowgirl style!

I recently did a room makeover for a very good friend's daughter.  She had painted her room and bought new bedding, but just wanted some finishing touches added!  This little girl LOVES horses and she LOVES being a cowgirl!  I was so excited to makeover her room "cowgirl style", but her mom told me "not too rustic":/

Here are a few before pictures.
(Yes, I should have taken them before the room was painted, but if you know
my friend you know she paints at the drop of a hat!)

I know you are thinking it looks pretty good the way it is, but I just
added a few pieces to finalize it and clean it up.

After I added the accessories!

She was SO HAPPY with her new room!

Thank you girls for the fun project!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

A couple weekends ago we traveled to McCall, Idaho.  A friend of mine gave me a list of all the places to shop, eat, and play!  Unfortunately there were not enough meals in the day to eat at all the restaurants, although we tried!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the kids enjoyed playing on the beach.  I think it was only my kids' second time of playing in the sand:/

We attended the wedding of one of the sweetest girls I know!  Her name is Sam and she is a very good friend of my sisters.

The beautiful flower girl!

It was a beautiful day and an awesome location.

When we got to the reception I was immediately jealous of some of the ideas she used!  Almost made we want to get married again!  To the same guy of course!!

~Guest book area~

~Card holder~

My favorite - the cake table!

The picture above the table are her grandparents, on their wedding day, who were killed in a car accident not that long ago.  Such a great tribute to them!

~Some reception photos~
(sorry about the shadows!)

A great time was had by all!  Thank you Sam and Donny for
 letting us be a part of your beautiful day!