Friday, August 12, 2011

Room makeover ~ cowgirl style!

I recently did a room makeover for a very good friend's daughter.  She had painted her room and bought new bedding, but just wanted some finishing touches added!  This little girl LOVES horses and she LOVES being a cowgirl!  I was so excited to makeover her room "cowgirl style", but her mom told me "not too rustic":/

Here are a few before pictures.
(Yes, I should have taken them before the room was painted, but if you know
my friend you know she paints at the drop of a hat!)

I know you are thinking it looks pretty good the way it is, but I just
added a few pieces to finalize it and clean it up.

After I added the accessories!

She was SO HAPPY with her new room!

Thank you girls for the fun project!!

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