Friday, July 8, 2011

Eat - Sleep - Ride

Just about sums up our 4th of July weekend!!

The view we woke up to every morning.

The kids patiently (I use that term loosely!) waiting for us to come help them saddle their horses!

Ready to ride!


Time to cool off in the creek!

Our big trail ride with 11.5 horseback and 2 on four-wheelers!  We had a fun time and the kids did great! (Most of the pictures were taken on horseback, so excuse the imperfections!)

Love this picture!  Riding with grandpa.

Can't get through a whole weekend without getting a little work done!

Grandma cooking on the campfire while the kids stack the wood!

Time for the sparklers! 
(This is the best my camera would do!)


The end to an awesome weekend!

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